Monday, December 3, 2007

Gratitude for creative people, Part 1

This kind of a day requires

This much delightful light.

Sometimes we ignore the simple. The obvious. As in, oh no, it's a dreary awful December day. Instead of, it's a December day, so the lights are so bright.

What are you grateful for, today?


Anonymous said...

I'm grateful I'm in Florida today, Conda! I hear it's the same in Coeur d'Alene. Hope you're enjoying your winter wonderland.

Jim Murdoch said...

Last night I caught the end of the Danish film Pelle the Conqueror which ends in a landscape very much like the one in the top picture and yet it was beautiful. All that the landscape in the first photograph needs is a focal point, a person, a dog (or better still a fox), perhaps a suitably twisted tree.

Light has the capacity to illuminate, yes, but it can also blind you to what's really going on.

Let me illustrate:


She didn't see it at first
because the world was full of lights.

Then the lights went out
and the sky was filled with stars.

But when the stars fell down
and all was dark and cold
then she noticed it,
alone and unsure,
in a universe of darkness.

And it was for her.

It depends on what you're writing how much scope you have. My last novel was set in Ireland in the nineteen-thirties; the terrain was made up of bogs, dry-stone dykes and ruins, the weather veered between rain and about-to-rain and there was nothing I could do because that's what it was like them. So I filled it with colourful characters. You do what you must.

Kathy McIntosh said...

I'm grateful for my Happy Light!
And my good friends, and that my fingers are supple enough for the computer keys and for music and artists. And for you, for asking, Conda.
Oh, and for your hummus recipe, which I came back to print, one more time.

The Muse said...

For being. I am grateful for being. Also, for my family and friends--without them I would be alone.

Funny thing about your post, I just posted along the same lines! I read a post earlier that got me thinking about life, legacy, and the here and now.

Today must be a day for reflection and evaluation. I love it!

Conda Douglas said...

Beautiful poem, Jim. And yes, my plain backyard could use a touch and we do have foxes, and coyotes...

Yes, Beth, I am enjoying the winter, especially since, like Kathy, I have a Happy light!

And Muse, it is the season isn't it? For gratitude and reflection. Must be something about the quality of the light...

Anonymous said...

I, too, have a happy light. But it's in my storage shed in Idaho right now, since I have a nice big one in the sky. One of the main reasons I'm down here this winter - can't stand the homicidal / suicidal swings from Coeur d'Alene's gray, gray months.

I'm glad yours are working, ladies!