Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sign Off 2008

Last of the Christmas images.

A sunset for the ending year.

The dog's nose. She's wondering, "Is it safe to come out yet? I don't like all the fuss."

Yes, it's the last holiday of 2008. Here's hoping for a creative, productive and jubilant 2009. With many celebrations yet to come, and disappointments few and far between. With all best wishes,



Kathy McIntosh said...

That was a gorgeous sunset last night. Glad you caught it.
I love your choice of the word jubilant.
Jubilations to you and yours, Conda.

Conda Douglas said...

Thank you, Kathy! And it's great to see you with such a wonderful post on your blog to send us all on our way to 2009!

Cornish Dreamer said...

I like the picture of the dog's nose ;@) And a beautiful sunset.
Here's to a happiness-filled 2009.

Swubird said...


It took me a while to figure out what that was. A dog nose! Of course!

Happy New Year.

Conda Douglas said...

Thanks Rebecca--same right back at you! (And I adore your photos, they're an excellent way for me to start the day with a smile.)

Conda Douglas said...

Yes, Swu, I made sure I captioned that one particular photo for obvious reasons.

Conda Douglas said...

P.S. Swu, you have an evil mind, that's what makes your blog so hilarious!