Sunday, January 16, 2011

BSP is hard to do

Above are a couple of examples of BSP. The first is a recipe card that is a teaser or taste (pun intended) for the second, a signing for the upcoming release of the compendium, "An Eclectic Collage." The recipe cards I make by cutting and pasting onto Avery White Quarter Fold Greeting Cards Avery 3266. I copy and paste till each section is filled and then I have 4 cards per sheet.Then the cards promote the book at the signing.

I've had the good fortune to be published several times lately and have an upcoming release, a couple of things in "An Eclectic Collage." So I've been attempting to promote my work. And finding it a bit difficult. Oh, not in opportunities to promote, but rather in the feeling that BSP is somehow a four letter word. Perhaps it's the word, "blatant," does anybody want to be blaring an accomplishment? Doesn't that seem egotistical? Then I remember what my mom always said, "If you don't tell people, they won't know." She repeated this often because my dad was an artist and, a very shy man, he hated gallery openings, media interviews, etc.He just wanted to go do his art. I think that may be true of many creative people.

So when I worry about mentioning something and I'm procrastinating about promoting I tell myself, "Maybe some people might want to know about this."

How about you, dear reader? Do you enjoy promotion? Hate it? Don't care? Care too much?


A.M. Guynes/Annikka Woods said...

Not to the stage yet where I'm doing my own promotion, but I'm always happy to be promotion for a friend. I'm just not very good at it yet.

Kathy McIntosh said...

Someone shared with me other words for the same acronym that helped me get over my shyness. Of course I can't recall it. Maybe Basically Sharing Progress? Whatever you call it, we need to remember that our friends and colleagues want to know what we're up to, whether it is anguishing about our WIP or announcing the public revelation of a successful birth! Oh, did I mention that I have a couple of articles in that same book and have done zip about promoting it? You inspire me.

Jim Murdoch said...

I find it hard. I actively avoid sites where all they do is talk about their book. I’m not saying they shouldn’t mention it – hell, I have a ruddy great advert at the top of the right-hand column advertising my poetry collection (notice how I slipped in a hyperlink there) – but you can’t make people buy it. I have a friend whose site I never fail to read and comment on, who I know is a voracious reader and yet he has never bought one of my books, not one, and I’m desperate to ask him why not but you can’t do that, can you? All you can do is keep chipping away, a mention here, a mention there. But the hard sell doesn’t work. I have no problem when I walk into a shop if a salesperson asks me if I need any help – that’s just them being polite – but if they don’t take no for an answer then I’m out of there. I remember years ago going into the British equivalent of Radio Shack to buy some fuses and the guy tried to sell me a computer! Personally I feel guilty for not buying more books from people I know and I know Carrie has a list of books by her friends that she intends to buy this year but the bottom line for me is cost – I buy very few books, full stop. Books are dear, ridiculously dear for what they are, and so I rely on review copies and my Amazon wish list and I have enough books on my to-be-read shelf to last me an entire year.

Carol Kilgore said...

A great idea. I think BSP is fine as long as it's tasteful and not overpowering. Writers have to look out for themselves.

Conda Douglas said...

Anni, I beg to differ, I've visited your blog and you're doing a lot, quite well!

Conda Douglas said...

Kathy, I like Basically Sharing Progress--it's friendly. And I'm glad you're inspired!

Dee White said...

Great post, Conda,

Love your ideas and I have to say I agree with your mum. If you don't tell people they won't know.

I think there's a difference between information sharing and BSP and you would be surprised at how interested people are in your progress and how it can inspire and motivate them.

The more promoting I do, the easier I find it, but I must admit, i find it easier to do online than in person.


Unknown said...

I tend to be a rather quiet, introverted person. Just because I often prefer to stay on the sidelines doesn't mean I can't step up and do some self-promotion when I need to.

Denise Covey said...

Hi Conda. I left a comment but it didn't take. Great post.

I came by to thank you for your comment on my Style post. As far as I know subs to the 100 Stories are worldwide. You should be able to enter. You have til Jan 31st.

Denise :)

Caryn Caldwell said...

I think it's so hard to talk about our accomplishments without fearing that we're bragging or boring people - at least, that's the case with me - and that can make promotion difficult.

That said, your waffle recipe looks delicious!

Sharon Buchbinder, Romance Author said...

Women have been raised to believe that it is vain to self promote. Men don't have those barriers to overcome. If we don't toot our horns, no one else is going to do it for us!

Sadly, I have only easy recipes to share (e.g., open bag of tiny weiners, microwave for 3 minutes, serve with mustard of your choice;-D)



Sharon Buchbinder
Fireworks for the Mind--Surprising and Sizzling!

Conda Douglas said...

Jim--it's the balance too, that drives me nuts, because you are so right, hard sell never sells. But sometimes it all feels like the hard sell! I always try to provide a lot more than BUY MY BOOK!

Conda Douglas said...

Yes, Carol and as long as it's not just selling, your blog is good at providing other info.

Donna Volkenannt said...

Seems like you had a good balance growing up. Like your dad, I'd rather create than promote, but your mom's advice is also correct.
Donna V.

Anonymous said...

The healthy waffle recipe looks great! Just my and Jen's thing. And I've bookmarked Changing Woman Ways to buy. Yes, I feel a bit self-conscious, too (or will) about promoting my work. But we all do it! So there. It's okay. I've written since age 12 too; started out with Susan Benson mysteries patterned after Nancy Drew! We just have to write. (And now it's blogging, too. This CAN be time consuming, but I'm getting faster and better at it. I love meeting people this way. Not as good as face to face, but it's still fun--like the old-fashioned pen pals, one at a time, snail mail, but SO much faster!!! Instant communication. It's GREAT.
Ann Best, Author

Dave King said...

I think you are correct. I do think your dad as you describe him, was typical of many if not most creative people. I have always found it difficult to hawk my wares around. I'm thinking all the time that I could be using the time to produce more.