Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

Have a glorious Leap Day!

This photo requires a bit of explanation. The monster eating the little fairy is a finger puppet. Elaine Ambrose, in her great talk about humor, handed out these little finger puppets for use when us writers got a bit stuck. What a great idea, thanks Elaine! 

Well, I'm working on the second in my trilogy of THE MALL FAIRIES. And I already had the little fairy. So once when I was particularly stuck with one chapter I saw the monster and fairy sitting on my desk. In a burst of inspiration, I made the monster eat the fairy. Now every time I look at this I smile and the smile bring more words.

Okay, dear readers, what do you do when the flow of words starts to trickle? Do you have monsters eat fairies?


Kathy McIntosh said...

Oh, gross! Poor little fairy.
I was at Elaine's presentation and got a pink monster. He makes me smile but I love your creative writing inspiration!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome finger puppet!

I just read your comment on my getting my email hacked post, and had to come over to see what's going on with you. Glad I did. This made me smile!

And I did get a new email and am finally on an upswing.

p.s. I've just tried twice to get past the double verification, and I can't read them. So many bloggers lately say they give up if they find these. I never get any spam on my blog. Blogger is good with this. And if there's a comment we don't like, we can delete it! Okay, I'm going to try again....
Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror & Other Memoirs

Conda Douglas said...

Ann, I agree, and I FINALLY figured out how to turn off that silly word verification. Hope this helps! And so glad things are going better for you!