Thursday, September 10, 2015

One Reason Amazon Rules the Book Publishing World and an Opportunity for Great Free Reads!

Foul Wind by Kathy McIntosh is a humorous mystery set in wacky North Idaho. Want an opportunity to read it for free? Then read on!

The publishing world keeps changing and Amazon keeps coming up with excellent ideas that are part of that change. One of Amazon's newest publishing ventures is KindleScout, in which the readers act as acquiring editors and pick the titles to be published! I think this is a brilliant idea. Who better to pick books they want to read than the readers? And Amazon came up with a great idea to "pay" those readers, if a title you nominate is bought and published by Amazon, you get that title for FREE when it's published! Woot! 

Plus, it's easy to do. Just head over to KindleScout and sign in with your Amazon account. The site is easy to navigate and each book has a cover, a blurb and the first three chapters for you to peruse. You can only nominate three books at a time and they are only up on KindleScout for 30 days so I usually go to "Ending Soon" first and take a look.

Except when I know the book is something I want to read! Foul Wind by Kathy McIntosh is such a book! Here's the blurb: 

Noses wrinkle in Hancock, Idaho, when a foul wind blows from the new wind turbine at a nearby hog farm. When a blackmailer threatens to reveal secrets about the development and its investors, suspicion falls on Feather Sullivan and her sister, compelling their mother to meddle. Interfering moms on a hog farm get messy—and deadly—fast! When the blackmailer ends up murdered, Feather and a mouth-watering PI seek answers while she tries to keep her snooping mother from becoming another victim.

Just my type of humorous mystery, perfect for an cup of tea and cozy chair afternoon. If it's your cup of tea too, head over to Foul Wind soon as there is only 8 days left to nominate this title!

Dear readers, what do you think of KindleScout? Love it? Hate it? Or?


Kathy McIntosh said...

Great post! I agree with your thoughts on KindleScout and see that it is now international.
I also agree with (and appreciate) your kind words about Foul Wind.
Thanks so much for the extra boost. I needed it!
Kathy McIntosh

Conda Douglas said...

Most welcome Kathy! And I see that we have only 5! days left to nominate!

J.Q. Rose said...

Thanks for the reminder about Kindlescout. I've always wondered if it's a popularity game. The bigger your platform, the more people you can draw to your story and get a vote. I shouldn't say that, I guess, but curious about it. Pretty clever of amazon to have the author do all the work and expense too! But I'm sure, if chosen, amazon would back it and the promotion they do would be priceless. I love Kathy's humor in her writing. She'll find success with or without amazon!