Monday, March 12, 2007

Before and After, here's the before...

Here's what my office looked like before I started applying my own concepts (which I'm going to share with anyone who attends my How to Focus and Succeed class).

Eeek! Every time I looked at this mess, and it was every time I walked into my office, I got so distracted I couldn't focus on writing. Sound familiar? And yes, every few weeks I'd make it a huge project to "clean the office until it was CLEAN COMPLETELY," take hours of creative time and then not be able to find anything ever.

HINT: Overwhelmed by the chaos in your office (or office space, area, on top of your laptop)? Don't know where to start, it seems like a knotted piece of string? Don't try to organize everything forever. Set a timer for 10 minutes and either pick one thing off a pile and do that, or go through one SMALL pile and organize. When the timer goes off: QUIT. Next day, repeat. You'll avoid cleaning burn-out and be surprised at how quickly you organize. And you'll feel like "maintaining" the space since it's only a few minutes each day!

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