Sunday, March 25, 2007

Imagine your success...

and succeed. Yeah, yeah, seems awfully simple doesn't it? And really, it is, especially for us creative types who all possess a plethora of imagination. No, this isn't one of those woo-woo things where you imagine winning the lottery and then do so, I'm far too pragmatic for that. This is more about using imagination to create specific instances of success.

We all have images of how we are in the world, who we are in the world, how we operate and function or fail to function, and what we expect from ourselves and others. So how about using imagination to change and improve those images? I've found it immensely useful to pay attention to the background "chatter" we all have, to catch myself in negative chatter, for example: I don't have time to fill in the blank and use my imagination to replace that chatter with a positive solution and scenario--I'll have an extra fifteen minutes a day if I make extra for dinners and freeze individual portions for lunches. I'll save money and time and have delicious lunches. This is an easy example, I'll have fun exercises for the tougher things to shift so you can lock it down and make it happen.

And thanks to my good friend Kathy, again, for another great suggestion that led to this post.

TIP: Are you a writer struggling to write a novel? Gotten blocked? Quick and easy energizing exercise: write the dedication page for your published novel or start the list of your acknowledgments. You'll find that makes it not just as remote possibility that you'll finish and publish--that makes it real.

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