Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mirror, Mirror

Sometimes it's all about seeing. Sometimes it's all about images, inside and out. And sometimes the boundaries get blurred between the two. I've been thinking a lot about this all, as my life has shifted a lot in the past couple of months and what my internal image is, and what the image people have of me, sometimes clashes with who I am now and who I am becoming. I think we've all been trapped in not-seeing, in the image instead of the being.

But being creative is a way to see. I've been imagining a new image of the new me, not just what I look like but how it feels, what a day is, how people react to me, think of me, now. And it works! It's like the dieting tip of pasting a photo of yourself on the fridge when you were a normal weight.

And I think that's true of all creative people. So many times, if we can see it, i.e. imagine it, we do it!

Tip: Success breeds success and you don't have to be successful in order to succeed. Just imagine yourself successful (a gallery opening, the cover of your new book) and you've already succeeded!

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