Thursday, September 20, 2007

Blogrush--what do you think?

Hi all,

There's a new element on my page and I need your input. I'm fairly new to blogging. And "Blogrush" is new.

So, I'm giving it a trial run. One of the things I'm concerned about: I believe that writer's blogs are for our readers. Yes, writers, too. But as a reader, I've discovered great books by reading blogs by different authors--and not necessarily that particular author's blog! My concern is that the rush box is too narrow in scope...maybe.

What do you think?
Do you like the little list that you can click on and surf?
Or is it too distracting? Or just another element on the page that you ignore?
Is it useful? or not? Why or Why not?

Comments welcome and encouraged!


Kathy McIntosh said...

Because Blogrush has been endorsed by people such as Sarah Lewis of, I think it may be a good way to increase traffic and help people find cool, topic-related blogs. Whether or not it can be managed well enough to control the "cheaters" and serve its purpose, is to be seen!

Conda Douglas said...

Thanks, Kathy, for mentioning's helpful to have sites that help with, what is for me, a fairly steep learning curve!

Anonymous said...

Conda - hi from your fellow Idaho writer! I have so many blogs that I read already, I would ignore something like the blogrush. I could spend all day reading blogs - and then I wouldn't be writing!! I generally add blogs to my list when they're recommended by friends. But for folks who don't have that resource, it might be a way for them to discover new blogs...

Conda Douglas said...

Hi beth,

Excellent comments--and such a good point. Blogs are for fun and a little break and I've found several that have great information and inspiration on them. But like anything on the net, they can take over...