Friday, September 7, 2007

More on great sites

There are great sites on the net. There are horrid sites on the net. And everything in between. Like Wikipedia--the info can be completely accurate and well done--or not. So the net is an augment, an addition, another source.

And when it comes to creative endeavors--which is 100 % subjective anyway--proceed with all critical faculties going full bore!

That having been said: here's an inactive blog that is excellent for beginning writers with a finished or about-to-be finished first novel: Miss Snark, the Literary Agent. Miss Snark is famous, or infamous, depending on who you read, but either way, her archives (still available) are a guerrilla course in the world of agents and publishing. And whether you agree with her or not--vastly entertaining reading!

What sites have you discovered, good or bad, about this strange behavior: being creative?

TIP: Approach the net like you would a car salesman, caveat emptor, if it sounds too good to be true--then it isn't true. Anything goes on the net.

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