Saturday, September 29, 2007

Meditation fast and easy #3

This is wonderful for focusing the mind:

Pick an object that possesses beauty. The lovely Navajo lady in the illustration above is a ceramic piece by R. C. Gorman that I have used when doing this meditation.

Focus on the object. Pay attention. Clear your mind of all else but the beauty. See with all of your being.

This meditation is a lot of fun and often easier to begin a meditation practice with as the mind has something lovely to focus upon.

So, here's three quick and easy meditations.

Do you have a favorite meditation? Do you have a meditation practice? If so, what have you discovered by meditating? If you don't have a practice, why not? What stops you?


Kathy McIntosh said...

Okay, for the attention-deficit among us: I tried using a photograph, but that didn't work very well. If I use an object, should I touch it, hold it? I have to tell you, three minutes seemed forever. Maybe it is because my office is messy and that object/photo was almost lost among lots of other "stuff."

Conda Douglas said...

Sometimes photos can be too "busy" for the mind to focus. Or the photo can evoke too strong of an emotional response.

Hence, the illustration. I found the lovely lady in an airport shop. I love the artist's work, but the piece doesn't possess a lot of emotion for me, just enjoyment. And it's not too busy, or too large to hold comfortably in my hand.

Other good objects:

simple piece of jewelry
small/simple art work

And yes, Kathy, hold in your hand--that will help with the focus.