Thursday, September 27, 2007

Three minute meditation #1

Cats are naturals at being in the moment!

First meditation style: This is a classic:

Count your breaths. Inhale on one and exhale on and and inhale on two and... or vice versa. Count up to 3 or 4 and then start over.

Focus on breathing gently and calmly. Focus.

Sit comfortably. Relax. Focus on the breath.

Relax your eyelids. But it is not necessary to shut your eyes. You can if you want.

When your focus drifts, return to the breath.

Easy and difficult at the same time. When you first start, you may want to use a timer if you tend to "watch the clock." As you gain the habit of this meditation, you can do it anytime, anyplace, standing or sitting.

It's as simple as breathing.


Kathy McIntosh said...

This is simple and good, Conda. My problem with meditating has always been that I fall asleep. But I can stay awake for 3 minutes and focusing on the breaths was not terribly difficult.
Thank you!

Conda Douglas said...

You're welcome, Kathy. Sometimes I think we all make life more difficult than it needs to be!