Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

My dad's frowning because he was photo sensitive and it was a sunny day. The baby is my brother, who is a dad himself now.

My Dad was an artist and the one who set me on the creative life course. Thanks, Dad. My brother is a great guy with great kids. My s.o. Bruce is too. The fantastic dads I know are far too numerous to mention. Dad who do a great job of being Dads. Thank you all!

Ohmigosh, it's been weeks since I've posted--my apologies to everyone. I have wonderful excuses. First, I sold TWO novels to two different publishers in 10 days! Woot! Plus, Bruce and I participated in this year's i48, in which film makers have 48 hours to make a film, start to finish, whew! If you like, you can view the film here:;i48-2011#c=5551V21KMHL4L16S&t=Ticket%20Home.

Here's to returning to the writer's life and...