Sunday, March 16, 2014

Starke Deadly Delicious FREE March 17th in honor of St. Paddy's Day


In honor of this oh-so-Irish holiday, Starke Deadly Delicious Recipes is FREE, Monday March 17th! One reason? It contains a recipe for slumgullion, that oh-so-Irish dish. And here's a variation on slumgullion, a slumgullion salad recipe, great for lunch if you overindulge celebrating the holiday! ENJOY!

A twist on an old traditional salad

The inspiration for this "leftovers" salad came from the simple Greek salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and feta cheese, with vinegar and oil dressing. But never stop there—slumgullion salad can be any mixture of vegetables that you like. You can even mix cooked and raw veggies.

Some combos that work well are:

Either raw or cooked broccoli and cauliflower (or one can be cooked and one raw, trust me, it works) with raw or cooked carrots.
Cold cooked brussel sprouts with garbanzo beans and raw carrots
Add fresh tomatoes to any slumgullion salad (not cooked or canned, because it is too reminiscent of spaghetti sauce and the tomatoes are too liquid)
Add garbanzo, lima beans or white beans to the Greek salad
Add olives to the salad, or capers 
Add nuts and/or dried cranberries or raisinsAdd chopped apple or pineapple, or even mangos, if you like sweetness with your salad

Some combos to avoid:

Tomatoes are a strong flavor, so be careful what you mix them with, apples and tomatoes don't mix well, for example.
Avoid adding too many ingredients together, this will create a murky, muddy taste, with no one taste standing out.
Avoid too much of the strong tasting topping, for example too many nuts or olives or capers will overwhelm the salad, and in the case of pickled olives and capers, will make the salad too salty.