Thursday, October 15, 2015

Write Short to Succeed: Quick, easy tips from my upcoming class!

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A couple of tips for a sweet taste of my class:

Why write short? Because it's a free class in editing and writing.
It's an excellent way to learn to write fiction and nonfiction, both. Because ever short story and article are…short. Which means you can focus on all the elements of the writing, plot, description, characterization, the senses and how, where, who, why etc. You can experiment and play with different genres, ideas, formats, without committing to 400 pages of writing before realizing something doesn’t work. And most of the time it does work and gives you a finished piece to sell. It’s a writing course you’ll get paid for!

How to learn to write short? READ short stories and articles. 

The major way to learn how to write short is to read short. Read a lot, they're short, after all. Read stories in publications you want to be in.  Read a lot in your genre, but not exclusively so. Read magazines, anthologies, etc and published stand alones. Read the classics and the brand new releases.
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