Saturday, June 15, 2013

It's the writing, stupid!

No, it's not you, dear reader, who is the stupid one, it's me. And that's why I'm writing this blog post, as a reminder: what's the best path to success? It's the writing! Everyone agrees, whether they be writer superstars or midlisters or just those who've researched how to succeed as a writer--it's writing!

That's easy for me to forget. I tend to get caught up in social media marketing. I tend to get caught up in submitting short stories and articles instead of writing new stuff. I tend to get discouraged by my perceived lack of progress, even though I sell those stories and articles. (In fact, I just sold a short story and just had published the one pictured below!)

But, but, the more I write the better I become and the more I have to sell. And truly, writing is my heart's passion, my love, my desire. So while I will continue to blog and do social media, etc. etc. first comes writing! (And here's my article proposal on Slate about realizing being true to myself is always best: )

Here's my call to action--no matter what your creative endeavor--do that! Me, I'll be off writing ...