Saturday, May 20, 2017

Create More, Succeed, Make Money Being Creative with NO Blame!


This post is about a problem that has been bugging me for, well, forever. In this world of social media, it appears to be growing every day, a monstrous cancer destroying creativity.

Okay, maybe not that bad. Except...when we blame ourselves, it destroys our creativity. 

I'm not talking about refusing to take responsibility for our own personal stumbles as in "I drank too much today to create." Also, there are tons of helpful advice available  I'm talking about the insidious, continual "blame game" that some "experts" use to sell their books, podcasts, seminars, classes online and off, even life coaching.

The blame game goes like this (for writing, I'm sure it's similar for other types of creativity):
Your published writing isn't selling? Then you must be blamed because:
Your cover isn't good enough. (Buy this and we'll show you how to have a great cover!)
Your content isn't good enough. (Let us show you how, buy this!)
Your social media marketing isn't good enough. (buy...) 
To be more specific:
You don't have a good enough website. (On sale now! How to have a great website!)
You don't have a good enough email list. (Buy now! Learn how to have a great email list!)
You don't have a platform. (Pay here!)
You don't have a brand.
You're not tweeting enough.
You're not posting enough on Facebook.
You're not doing enough ads on social-media-site.
You're not posting enough and/or posting correctly on your website.
And one more example: You're not posting on your blog enough!
Or even the dreaded shoulds:
You should be only traditionally published.
You should be only self-published.
You should be a hybrid author.

Then there's the more insidious blaming:
You have to do the newest online-whatever right now to sell, whatever it is.
You have to spend a certain amount of time every day selling.
You have to not spend too much time selling. Instead spend your time creating more and more, as quickly as possible. Make sure your creations are fabulous. 
You have to be exactly like the successful people that are used as examples. 

Can you feel your will to create evaporating? Depression setting in? Blaming sucks the life energy out of our creativity. 

Add to all of this one DIRTY ENORMOUS SECRET:
Most creative people are not successful at selling their creations. 
Most books don't sell. Most actors don't have a big career. Most artists never sell their paintings/sculptures/art. Most bands never make it big. It doesn't matter if you're a jewelry designer or a singer or a clay-embedded-fingernails potter, chances are you won't "make it big and make tons of money." 

Does this mean never take a class or read a book about selling your work? No, of course not! Many books, videos, podcasts, classes, etc. are very useful for tips and ways to sell. Ideas that may save you time and money. My only caveat: avoid blame! Realize and remember that you are doing the work. If you're not...give yourself a break. You're only human. 

Make your creative life a no-blame zone and discover energy, time and inspiration!