Sunday, February 25, 2007

Just what does Creative Center mean?

It means a great many things that's why it's called my creative center. Here's just one:
My life experience has taught me a lot about creativity and creative people. Of course, I believe everybody is born creative and yearns to express that creativity. But some people need help in bringing that creativity into their lives. More about this in a later post.

Right now, I'm excited about my new class: How to Focus and Succeed. Creative people succeed by being true to themselves, by following their bliss, and by just plain having fun. And I'm already having fun with my new class, soon to be offered at the True North Creative Learning Center in Eagle, Idaho. Creative people learn by using all the senses in all different ways. It's a blast coming up with effective, multi-dimensional exercises!

TIP: This is also a taste of what we'll be doing in my class: Focus on one small problem that is blocking your productivity (not something general like procrastination, you need to take my class for that one). Take a piece of paper and using either crayons or colored pens write the problem down using your non-dominant hand. Have fun with this! Don't try to write well, don't force yourself to write the whole problem. This is waking up the brain and focusing it. If in the process you start doodling or drawing or scribbling, go with it. As ideas for solutions occur to you as you write, scribble it down (using your dominant hand and another piece of paper so you can read it, of course!).

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