Thursday, March 1, 2007

How to get Five Bucks... my class. Hey, made you look! And all you have to do is mention my blog Conda's Creative Center when you sign up for my class: How to Focus and Succeed at the True North Creative Learning Center which starts Saturday, April 14th.

And boy am I having a blast getting ready for this class. It's back to school time--only this time there's none of that hard stuff like science and math, it's Art class and free writing and recess all the way!

HINT: PLAY. I've noticed that the more creative people play, the more fun we have, the more we are focused and effective and creative and successful. Honor that little kid inside all day, every day. Here's a couple of ideas: have a button-down business suit job that crushes that kid? Take a fun lunch box to work. If even that's frowned upon, wear a friendship bracelet. If that's frowned upon (yeah I worked at that place too) wear fun underwear, you'll know!

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