Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Buddha Bless the Net

Okay, so the Buddha doesn't "bless" things like in the Christian world. But as a writer and a semi-Buddhist (I'm practicing, okay?) that's still my sentiment.

Because the Internet is such a great resource. News, knowledge, and camaraderie--all at our fingertips.

Before the Net, I couldn't have imagined having such riches. And having said that, here are a couple more great blog sites from fellow writers: Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life, a fun blog with lots of "writing-inspiring" posts by author Nancy Pickard and A Newbie's Guide to Publishing by J. A. Konrath--invaluable for the newcomer author who wants to sell the books--and who are these people who don't?

Remember the HINT: The Internet is great--and a great time loser--the first priority is to create! Everything else follows.

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