Monday, November 3, 2008

Off topic and on a soapbox

Tomorrow is Election Day in the U.S.

It was only 89 years ago that women got the right to vote. I knew a woman (she died at a 100 years old) who marched for the right to vote and ended up jailed for 4 days. They arrested her and others on the Friday they marched, then didn't arraign them until late Monday and put all the women in the worst, filthiest part of the jail. My friend, 19 at the time and wearing a brand new outfit, spent the weekend standing up, too horrified to sit or eat or sleep.

She voted in every election she could, no matter how small. She never believed that people didn't bother to vote. She couldn't imagine it.

Voting is a privilege. I don't care what political party you belong to or who you vote for, just please, please, please


The thunk you hear is Conda stepping down off her soapbox.


Kathy McIntosh said...

Well said, Conda.
You have known so many cool cool people.
When are you going to write about them?
I guess it takes a fascinating, complex person to have such fascinating friends (myself excluded or included, depending on my daily mood!)

Conda Douglas said...

Thanks, Kathy, and yes, you are one of my most fascinating friends!

Swubird said...


Isn't it wonderful to run into these older people who have seen such historical things? I just love it. Imagine sitting down and talking to that women. The things she rememberd. Moving.

I met a man and his wife one day who were in WW II. She had been captured by the Russians and spent the entire war in a Russian prison, and lived to tell me about it. He was held in Germany. It was an interesting conversation.

Most people ignore the elderly as if they aren't even there. But I've made it a habit to engage them in conversation whenever I get the chance. As a result, I've heard some fascinating stories. Some of these old folks are bubbling over with history. All you have to do is ask.

Happy trails.

Conda Douglas said...

So true, Swu--hey that rhymes. And when we do talk to the older generation, I find myself counting oodles of blessings and flooded with gratitude.

We are so fortunate. Most of us, most of the time, have far better lives than the generations who came before.

Dave King said...

Good to have a soap box - isn't that why we blog? Good to have folk like yourself to stand on them.