Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Rainbow Effect

Rainbow on a walk

Kathy of Well Placed Words just posted about gratitude and Dave of Pics and Poems, in his giving me awards also tagged me to tell 7 things about myself that people may not know. I've combined the two so:

I'm grateful for still being able to physically
a. see the end of my nose clearly (with my glasses off)
b. cross my fingers--all 8 of them
c. chew my own toenails if I choose (I don't choose).

And I'm grateful for:
a. my mother not knowing that it was impossible for her to have children because of her autoimmune disease until she had me
b. being born into a world where a 3 pound preemie could survive
c. being born to eccentric, creative parents (growing up, I lived with rocks in the bath tub, buffalo bones on the living room rug and goats in the kitchen--just normal) and having friends and family now who are quirky, creative and supportive souls.

Finally--just an oddity: I'm terrified of moths and grasshoppers, but not afraid of spiders or snakes. Go figure.

So, my dear friends who received blog awards, you're tagged with 7 things people probably don't know about you. And of course, this is totally voluntary, but I'm curious...


Swubird said...


Your family sounds a lot like mine. I grew up surrounded by a group of quirky and interesting people. Consequently, I now prefer those types to the stuffed shirt crowd. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I am, however, afraid of spiders. I never have liked the little eight-legged monsters. It's embarrassing that a big old guy like me turns white at the sight of a black widow.

Happy trails

Dave King said...

It never ceases to amaze, the paths taken and not taken in the creation of a child. My Grandmother would have said that you were meant to be. I wouldn't disagree, not for a moment.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those pictures are gorgeous! They brightened my day. As for the things you're grateful for, I'm glad you can find so much to be happy about. I was born with a defective heart. Like you, I wasn't "supposed" to survive, and wouldn't have if I had been born a few years earlier. I feel so lucky.

Conda Douglas said...
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Conda Douglas said...

Yeah, Swu--but it's a black widow--those bites can be awfully nasty, at best! And being afraid of moths? MOTHS? What, am I afraid they're to eat me as well as my clothing?

And the fact that you were raised by "different sorts" and not prefer their company comes through clear in your delightful and quixotic stories!

Conda Douglas said...

Dave, what a delightful comment, it touched my heart in a wonderful way. Truly you are a poet, as anyone who visits your site will know.

Conda Douglas said...

Yes, Caryn, whenever anyone says to me, "Wouldn't it be wonderful to have lived in (any) olden times?" I always reply, "No, not for me, because no way would I be alive without modern medicine!"

The Muse said...

Hi Conda! I need a camera that will capture a rainbow. Beautiful!

Spiders and snakes creep me out. And, especially, centipedes and scorpions get me really going. I can live with moths and grasshoppers.

I'm glad you're here. You are definitely a survivor!

Conda Douglas said...

Muse--the photos were taken with my old cell phone! Technology is amazing.

And it takes a survivor to know a survivor.