Friday, February 20, 2009

Self Congratulations & Celebrations

My celebratory chocolate with the cat wondering if he likes chocolate.

The cat has decided he doesn't like chocolate.

Self congratulations are in order. As I posted earlier, I prioritized and set my intentions to finish my rough draft by a certain time--and succeeded! Thanks in part to great support and encouragement by fellow blogger Kathy McIntosh of Well Placed Words. Thanks, Kathy!

Now, the next step, is, as Margie Lawson points out, is to congratulate and celebrate. Why? Because if we don't enjoy the small victories along the way, if we just slog along, where will we get the renewing refreshment of success. Why not celebrate the small victories? It takes time and effort to complete a rough draft--why do we ignore and dismiss the accomplishment?

So, part of my celebration, thanks to my s.o.'s delightful mom, Dorothy, is a bit of Valentine's chocolate. Another part is a congratulatory dinner my delightful significant other is taking me to this Saturday. And then, renewed, refreshed and invigorated--onto the next draft!

Do you take the time to celebrate the small victories? If not, why not? If so, what do you do?


Dave King said...

Celebrate as well as you know how, you've sure deserved it. Have the best celebratory meal ever. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's wonderful! Congratulations! It's such a good feeling, isn't it? I'm not always good at rewarding myself, probably because I procrastinate too much so I already feel like I've gotten my reward -- just early. But I did work to finish my book this summer right before we went on vacation. My reward was not to have to worry about it the entire time I was on vacation. I waited until I got back before I started revisions in earnest.

Conda Douglas said...

Thanks, Dave!

Conda Douglas said...

Thanks, Caryn and kudos to you for rewarding yourself!

The Muse said...

Hi Conda!

Yes, I too celebrate everything from the big stuff to the small stuff. The chocolate looks scrumptious!

Congrats on finishing your draft! This is a huge accomplishment I hope to make some day myself.

I love your kitty.

Have a great day!!!

Helen Ginger said...

What a wonderful post, Conda. We really should celebrate accomplishments, both big and small. I have to admit, I rarely do that. I've always got multiple projects going at once and when one is done, I immediately start on the next.

I'm going to try to follow your example and do something to celebrate sometimes!

Conda Douglas said...

Thanks, Muse! And the chocolate is delicious--I have to be careful how fast I eat it and share well--I am an exercise instructor after all!

Someday soon, I hope you are celebrating finishing your draft!

Conda Douglas said...

Thanks, Helen, and here's some virtual chocolate to get you started!

Lynda Lehmann said...

Conda, CONGRATS are indeed in order!

If we don't celebrate the small victories, we're missing their meaning.

Great success is only the sum of our small successes! (I think I'm going to say this on my blog...)

Would like to share some of our writing, one day! :)

Swubird said...


Congratulations on finishing your draft. And those chocolates really look good. Yummy. But please keep them away from my Queen. She is a shameful chocoholic.

Happy trails

Conda Douglas said...

Lynda, you are so right--if we don't celebrate the little victories how will we find the courage to go for the big wins?

And having enjoyed your blog, yes someday soon I'd love to see your other "writings" as well!

Conda Douglas said...

Swu, not to worry about keeping them away from your Queen. I, too, am a shameless Chocoholic and that box looks...almost empty already!

Kathy McIntosh said...

Thanks for the mention, Conda, but I get the fun part (reading your great words) and you did the hard work. And in record time.
You deserve many kudos and much chocolate.

Conda Douglas said...

Thank you, Kathy--but I stand by my words! Writing is a lonely biz, as you know too well! and I need your wonderful support and encouragement and excellent editing.