Monday, January 24, 2011

A Childhood Recipe to celebrate An Eclectic Collage

Crispy Rice Cereal Treats Dyed Bright Pink!

Okay, I realize the top photo looks like hamburger...but I promise, it's not. This is a new beloved childhood recipe I'm posting to celebrate the release of An Eclectic Collage  a compendium of the Pixie Chicks Writers. In An Eclectic Collage, you'll find more of my fun recipes that you can add/change and foster your creativity.

Basic Recipe:
4 tablespoons margarine or butter
6 cups crispy rice cereal
1 16 ounce bag of marshmallows (fresh mini marshmallows work best)
In a large saucepan, heat the butter on medium heat until it melts. Add marshmallows and stir constantly until marshmallows all melt. Remove from heat. Add crispy rice cereal and stir well. Using a greased spatula, spread mixture in a buttered 15 X 10 inch pan. Cut into bars when cooled.

Okay, now for the variations:
Add vanilla or rum or orange or lemon extract, a teaspoon or two.
Add a cup of nuts, or raisins or any dried fruit, or a cup of chocolate bits (or a third a cup of each!).
Add any spices you like, nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, cardamon.
Add 1/3 cup of cocoa.
Or be daring and trying a bit of pepper and hot sauce to the cocoa! Strange but good if you like it weird and spicy!

Cooking creates!

And just one off topic note--there's an interview about my childhood life and how it comes out in stories at midlist writer. No recipes, just the Navajo!


Angela Ackerman said...

My kids love food coloring (They're teens!). They always want me to put some into their scrambled eggs, lol.

Another awesome thing to add to Rice Krispie squares is skor bits. That is THE BEST.

Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

Kathy McIntosh said...

Ack! I beg your forgiveness, but those look gross. Guess it proves I'm out of my teens!
What are skor bits?
And I've seen the book and the recipes look great. I want to try Ooey Gooey Chocolate Mug Cake. And your "secret ingredient" deviled eggs.

Conda Douglas said...

Angela, pink scrambled eggs?! And I need to ask with Kathy, what are skor bits?

Conda Douglas said...

Kathy--I took them to the Pixie Chick's meeting and no one would go near them! Too pink!

And the chocolate mug recipe will pack on pounds, it's so yummy!

Caryn said...

I vote for adding chocolate! I did laugh when you said it looked like hamburger, because that's what I thought at first, too. Then I saw the second picture and realized what they were. Dyeing them may look weird to adults, but kids would LOVE that, so I'm definitely going to keep it in mind. Great ideas!

Talli Roland said...

Oh, I love Rice Krispie treats! It's been so long since I've had any...

Carol Kilgore said...

Yummy! And just in time for Valentine's Day.

Swubird said...


It seems that everywhere I look, people are giving their sites a face lift. Yours looks great. The image jumps right out of the screen almost like 3-D!

I never had pink rice crispies. They look positively yummy.

Happy trails.

Dave King said...

I am intrigued by the whole concept.