Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Successful Week to Celebrate!

Okay, here's the fun part that writers often don't do. And the fun part that we need to do. It's the part that fills up the well for our writing. We all slog along and struggle with the work and then wince at the myriad rejections. So we all need to celebrate our successes! Here's mine this week, with thanks to members of the writing community for all their help and support towards these successes.

First: thanks to Aubrie of Flutey Words, who mentioned the market on her blog, I sold a short story to the anthology Fangtales.

Second: thanks to Su Halfwerk of Vivid Sentiments, who mentioned this wonderful promo market, Munaty Cooking, my incredibly delicious recipe is just released in their May issue. Writers if you like to cook, submit one of your recipes!

Third: The contract for my short story "Blood Tells" arrived for it's reprint in Big Pulp's June paper edition.

Fourth: My article, "Kiss a Garden" will be released in June's edition of Treasure Valley Family Magazine, both online and print.

AND LAST (does the big happy dance): I sold my mystery novel STARKE NAKED DEAD to L&L Dreamspell! Yay! It will be released in 2012, I can hardly wait! L&L Dreamspell also published my short story in their anthology Dreamspell Nighmares and it's been a pleasure working with them and I'm looking forward to doing that again.

And a big thanks to my friend and fantastic editor, Kathy McIntosh of Well Placed Words for her great help in getting the novel edited for submission! It worked!

So there you have it, my celebration. What do you have to celebrate? It can be a tiny success, writing a new paragraph on your w.i.p., for example. But celebrating creates success!

Next up: Nowadays, all writers must market, even before they submit. I've been doing this for a while, so I'll compile some tips and easy ideas and how to create an author page on Amazon.


Kathy McIntosh said...

Yay! I'm dancing happily for you, too.
What a wonderful week, the reward for TONS of hard work!
Congratulations, Conda. Thanks for the mention, but the glory is all yours.
Woo hoo!

Laura said...

Congratulations! And good on you for a celebration - looking forward to the tips! I'm celebrating joining Romantic Friday Writers yesterday and starting on my story for next week!
Great to meet you properly and thanks for your comment and follow!

Beth said...

YAY! Many many congrats, Conda!! You so very much deserve this - you've earned it! And yay to Kathy for her editorial skills. You ladies rock!!! Happy dancing here, too.

Conda Douglas said...

Kathy, thanks for your kind words, but without your great editing skills and enormous patience reading draft after draft...

Conda Douglas said...

Laura--same here!

Conda Douglas said...

Beth--thank you!!