Saturday, April 21, 2012

Multimedia is Necessary, What's an Author to Do? Write!

 My new "teaser" video for my new release THE MALL FAIRIES: EXILE

It's hard to keep up, I know. Or even figure out what there is to keep up on. But more and more, it seems authors need to go multimedia all the way. And one way to go is book trailers. Why? Because it's a way to cross market a lot. It's a way to appeal to a larger audience--people love to watch, and if a trailer catches their attention... A book trailer can be put on your Amazon author page and might be the tiny push for a buy.

Now, I'm fortunate in that I'm a film editor, so making book trailers is easy and fun for me. But it's also easy and fun for everyone. How to make one? Well, if you can't take my workshop Book Trailers Sell, April 28th in Meridian, Idaho, you can Google book trailers and there's a wealth of info out there. Most computers now possess a video editing program. Take a look at mine and you can see how easy they can be to do. It's all in the writing. Write a great script for a book trailer, have a great trailer.

Which is one reason why the Idaho Writers & Readers Rendezvous Conference, May 3-5, has two well known and successful screenwriters, Dave Trottier and Daniel Manus, doing great workshops on screenwriting. I now believe that every writer should learn about script writing, and not to just write book trailer. We have become a visual and action oriented society and writing scripts teaches how to write with great visuals, action and of course dialog.

What do you think? Is it necessary or even wanted to do all this social media? Do you think one form of social media wins out? (And shouldn't we all concentrate on the writing first and foremost?)


Kathy McIntosh said...

You're stirring up controversy! And curiosity. What is that teen fairy up to?
I recently took a script writing class from Boise's Lance Thompson, and learned a lot that will help with my novels, and the trailer. Thinking about visuals can only improve our novels and short stories.

Conda Douglas said...

Kathy, thanks and you're right, we have become a visual world, where images and action rule!

Androw said...

That’s adorable! You did an awesome job.
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