Thursday, November 27, 2014

A-bundling we go! A great deal! Four Mysteries for $1.99!

Sirens on Death Starke Blvd is out! Available everywhere! Tons of great reading!

Released today! I've found that bundling eBooks is a great way for readers to find new authors and for authors to find new readers. I often buy these myself, lots of reading for cheap! What could be better? I love this new publishing world. Here's one that includes my award winning mystery, Starke Naked Dead, plus three other five star mysteries. 

In Starke Naked Dead, the gossiping women of the Widows Brigade in the new ski resort of Starke, Idaho love a good scandal—this time it’s a murder mystery, and a stark naked corpse! One reviewer said, "Funny small town murder mystery, that will have you trying to figure out who did what!"

In Death Scene by Sara Jayne Townsend, British-born, Toronto-based, actress Shara Summers turns amateur sleuth when her sister is stricken with a mysterious illness. One reviewer said, "Looking for a genuine character in real circumstances with a puzzle to unravel, read Death Scene."

In Sunshine Boulevard by JQ Rose, who or what is killing the seniors on Sunshine Boulevard? One reviewer said, "Baby Boomers are coming into their own as Snowbirds. J.Q. Rose brings them into the realm of Crafty, Amateur Detectives with LOTS of time on their hands to devote to this new passion...solving murders."

In The Sound of Sirens by Heather Fraser Brainerd and David Fraser, having narrowly survived an encounter with murderous black magic, private investigator Josie P. Cates has settled into the humdrum life of her new profession. But she now faces a challenge far more terrifying: spending a week with her mother.One reviewer said, "The Sound of Sirens (José Picada, P.I. Book 2) by Heather Fraser Brainerd and David Fraser is a marvelously entertaining read for people of all ages."

Dear readers, do you buy bundles? If you do or don't, why?

For more on the authors, visit their blogs here:

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J.Q. Rose said...

Hi Conda, thanks for hopping along in the blog hop. I love how you added these reviews for the books. I have never purchased a bundle, but am going to from now on. You get a lot of stories for a small price.

Conda Douglas said...

Yup, JQ, I absolutely adore book bundles. They're so inexpensive that it doesn't even matter if one or two "isn't to my tastes." And that almost never happens!

Unknown said...

Great post! I love book bundles. You're right, Conda - it's a great way to find new authors!

Conda Douglas said...

I love finding new authors too!