Monday, May 7, 2007

Making waves

Okay, I'm not actually making the waves here. I mean, I'm good but I'm not that good. What I'm doing (not in the photo) is continuing the analogy from my last post and adding to it.

So, I'm renewed by my beach time, what's next? Into the waves! In my life, I think of the waves as challenges. Some wave challenges are small: get this story submitted, edit this scene of my novel. And some are huge waves: finish my current w.i.p. so that I'm happy with it. And much the same as breasting those big waves, it's a challenge sometimes to keep on my feet.

And it's quite tempting to head back to the beach, especially if I've been knocked off my feet by a big wave and swallowed some bitter sea water, i.e. when I get a rejection for a story I really thought I'd sell to that particular market. However, if I head back to the beach, I don't make any headway--okay that was bad.

And when I remember that I can't control the waves and that the waves--everybody gets rejections, it's a buyer's market for writing--then I get back on my feet and keep going. So then what happens? Find out in a later post...

What are your waves? What knocks you off your feet? And what do you do then?

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