Saturday, June 16, 2007

Comfort zones and breaking out of them

As promised, but a little different approach...

What is most powerful about workshops and conferences is how any or either can destroy a rut. Hunh? A rut? Yeah, you know, those awful comfort zones we all tumble into that are big deep long holes with dirt sides. You know, where you write along at pretty much the same level, content to be churning out words--without really improving those words. Habit, comfortable, easy TRAP.

Or maybe you're not comfortable--just stuck.

Well either a conference or a workshop works, in a zillion different ways: you meet other writers, you get immersed in your dream world, and the most important: during a workshop or conference, you achieve a tiny tiny bit of precious objectivity. Objectivity is golden and rare. It has something to do with being in a group that is all working toward a common goal, that shares dreams and ideas and even needs.

For a bit, whenever I attend a workshop or conference, I step out of my near-sighted, obsessed writer self and then learn and learn and become a better writer.

TIP: There are lots of great workshops and conferences, for all sizes and types. Go find one that makes you excited to attend. If you live on an island or in the midst of a desert, there are online workshops. More later about these...

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