Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What I learned

If you wanna learn something, teach it. Boy is that too true!

So what did I learn from my own "How to Edit and Market Your Novel" workshop at the True North Creative Learning Center?

First, though I've known this forever, I finally "got it" in a big way: 90% of any creative endeavor is the work itself, 10% is everything else. In other words, how did I become a professionally published writer? I wrote. And wrote. And then wrote lots and lots more. Then, I did the 10%: I attended classes and workshops, I started a writers' group, I edited my work and researched the markets and sent it out and sent it out and sent it out and sold it.

Not a single piece of my writing would have ever sold if I hadn't learned to write by, yup, you guessed it: WRITING!

BIG SECRET: If you're spending more time learning how to do what you do, you're not learning at all. Just do it.

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