Friday, April 13, 2007

Creating a sacrosanct time

Ooh, big issue for me this week. I realized that only one day this week did I honor my sacred writing time. Yeah, I gots tons and tons of reasons (read excuses) but none of them work because my writing time is early morning, i.e. when nothing's going on, nobody's open--so...? Why didn't I honor what is close to my heart, my soul, perhaps even my reason for existing?

For me: fear. Maybe for most people...fear of failure. When I get my current project into it's final draft (and I'm getting close) then I have to submit it! EEK! Never mind that I am already submitting it to various venues (more about that later) somehow it feels too real to get this close! So I distract myself. I tell myself I'm not a morning person. So? I tell myself I need to do X for the classes I'm teaching. So? I have the time.

And what if I succeed? EEK! What does that mean? Reaching a deadline and finishing anything creative sometimes feels like a death, or at the very least, letting your baby out into the world--even harder when a piece of mine sells--then it's not even mine anymore!

So, what are your roadblocks, excuses, distractions that are keeping you from honoring your true self?

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