Sunday, April 29, 2007

What's on first, no who's on first, no....

Ugh--don't you just hate the word "priorities?" It seems such a prissy word and for us creative types it seems far too rigid, too much business and lists and no fun--and yet I now believe "priorities" is a power word--if used right.

If you're a creative person like me you may need to return to priorities often. I sure do! I've got so much great stuff going on and it's so easy to find more (I just thought of another short story idea! There's another class idea! and...and) that it's powerful to just stop and take a moment to ask: what's on first? What's closest to my heart? Right now, for me, it's finishing a close to final draft of my current w.i.p. When I remind myself of that, when I prioritize, my focus increases, my energy increases and I'm more effective and successful at getting everything done.

So: do you prioritize? If so, why? How often?

TIP: Turn off your computer games--it's amazing how much time we all waste on those games! (Yeah, I'm guilty of that, too.)

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