Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pantser or Plotter: What kind of Writer are you?

The second lesson of 70 Days: I'm still a plotter, despite my desire to sit down and churn out a novel by the seat of my pants. Even when I possess a head full of the characters, the plot, all the elements, I get lost without a plan. I suppose this shouldn't be completely surprising as I have to Mapquest everywhere I go, or else never get there.

Which are you? Do you need to outline? If so, are you like me and need a fairly complete outline? Or, are you one of the flying writers?

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Anonymous said...

So NOT an outliner. I tried with this book, because everyone says that's how you're supposed to do it. Beat my head against a wall for two months before I came up with something that looked like an outline. Now I'm barely following it, as the story unfolds. When I refer to it, I think, oh yeah, I was supposed to do that. How am I going to get there from here?

On the other hand, I'm a Mapquester, too...

Good luck with whatever path you choose to get there, Conda!