Monday, October 8, 2007

A Writer is NOT an Island.

Or even an archipelago. Okay, bad joke. And the title is a bit of a cliche.

But cliches happen because they are so often true.

We write for ourselves, for our passion first, but then:
We write to be read.
We need Readers.

Without family to encourage and support me, I never would have gotten as far as I have in my writing career. I would have written, it's as necessary as breathing to me, but without my family's love those rejections might have been insurmountable.

Without friends and fellow writers to read, and re-read, my work I never would have improved as much as I have. Writing is all subjective, and a variety of opinions is an absolute necessity.

Without editors and agents (that I met at conferences), I never would have had the critiques of professionals. The input was invaluable.

Unless the writing is a diary or personal journal (and even then, isn't there the ghost of a reader?) we need our readers.

What are some of the ways you receive support, encouragement and education as a writer?

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