Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Keeping it in mind

The Seventy Days of Writing Sweat Challenge has already paid off for me, big time. My first huge lesson: Stay in the work! That's what makes it a w.i.p.! That is: a work in progress.

My w.i.p. that I'm working on for the 70 Days is a book that has ached to get onto the page. A book that I have many, many notes for. Notes on characters, snatches of dialog, plot points, a couple of scenes, etc.

So what's the difficulty? Getting into the "mode" of the w.i.p. on a daily basis--it's waited for long enough that the first rush/impetus/motivation to write it down is gone. I'm beginning to retrieve it, but it takes effort. And since I set the novel aside several times--that's my habit.

Stay in the work!

What do you do with a project that you've set aside and now have returned to? What works for you? What doesn't work?


Shawn Hansen said...

From the comments of the other Sweaters, it seems you are not alone as a plotter, and from your post over at Sven-land, you seem to be on target, so GOOD FOR YOU!

I fall between the two, but to keep things moving, I try to commit to at least one short piece every month that I submit to a contest or a magazine or another such source.

Work that stalls I set aside as candy for later, and generally when I return to it, it is clear where to take it or clear to shelve it permanently.

Longer things I choose to shelve I try to salvage via an element I can use for a short.

I do think events such as the 70 days and NaNoWriMo free us to remain in the moment and in the work and push ourselves creatively.

Good luck to you, and happy writing.

Conda Douglas said...

Excellent idea, Shawn, to get a short piece out a month. And I agree the 70 days and NaNoWriMo turn off that internal editor.

Keep writing...